Saturday, December 22, 2012

0 Snow storm to your Blog

         I know I'm bit late for this but anyway I have been succeeded at  last to present you guys the Snow falling or should I say 'Snow Storm' widget for your Blogs. You would think then why in my blog snow is not falling, actually my blog is white back grounded one and it is true that we can change the colour but if I did it will no more will be snow it will be something else.

So enough with the talk and let's end up this simple task.

Add The Snow Storm Effect To Your Blog

  1. Simply Login to Blogger Dashboard > and Go to Layout 

  2. Choose  add a HTML/Javascript Widget 

  3. Now Copy down the Following Code to the Widget and Hit Save

<script src=""></script><a href="" target="_blank">Create Up Your Blogger Snow Storm</a>

Be Alarmed for our Snow Flakes Storm, will be ready for you in Few Hours

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