Wednesday, August 14, 2013

0 Setup a Sub Domain on a Blogger Custom Domain Blog

                          Most of Bloggers now a days use Custom Domains with Blogger to increase their site's quality, page rank and Visibility in Search Engines. From this Tutorial I will show you how to setup a sub domain on your custom domain for a blog. If you are already a Custom Domain owner and figuring to setup a sub domain your custom domain, this will definitely help you.

If you have domain named ; and want to setup a sub domain as '' you will have to follow few steps and I'll guide you through them in this Tutorial.

Setup a Sub Domain on a Blogger Custom Domain Blog

Sub Domain on a Custom Domain

There are two types of establishing sub domains in Domains.

  • Domain Hosted 

  • Self Hosted (Included Web Hosting)

               If you have a Self Hosted site all you have to do is create a 'CName Record' with your Web host. Simple DNS Editor in cPanel will help you in that case. otherwise you will have to contact your web host.
              If you don't have a self hosted site and only owns a Domain you will have to create a CName Record in your Domain Manager. I will show you how to establish a CName Record in various Domain Hosters.

Sub Domain With Blogger Bought Domains

Though setting up your domain with blogger was easy in domains bought from blogger, it will be bit tough to change the settings in blogger bought Domains.Once you bought your domain you were given a Google Apps account.

  1.  Go To Google Apps :

  2.  Log on to Google Apps Dash Board > Domain Settings > Domain Names 

  3. Advanced DNS Settings > Sign in to DNS Console (Enom with your User Name & Password)

  4. Add a New Row to add your CName Record

  5. Add your desired sub Domain as host - eg : services

  6.  as Address  and CNAME as Record Type

1. Creating  CNAME on Godaddy

Godaddy has two methods when adding your CName Record to Domain. We will take the easy path. Recently Godaddy published a tool which automatically create an Cname Record for you in your Domain Edit Zone. Go to this Go Daddy tool

Godaddy DNS Records Update Tool

All you have to do is type your correct sub domain in the text field an hit on the Confirm Button.

2. Creating CNAME on Namecheap

  • Log in to your Name Cheap Account and click on your Domain

  • From the Left Side choose All Host Records

  • If your sub domain is '' add the records as Below,

Add a sub domain on Namecheap

3. Creating CNAME on

  • Log in to your Account and click on your Domain

  • Click on DNS Management from the right side bar

  • If your sub domain is '' add the records as Below, and press submit

 Add a Sub Domain on

Transformation of to Custom Sub Domain

                      Establishing your sub domain in your Custom Domain is done. Now you have to do is connect it to your Blogger Blog. Navigate to your Dash Board > Desired Blog > Settings > Basic > Publishing. There in you blog address go to add custom domain and click on 'Already own a domain? Switch to advanced settings' Now provide your created sub domain URL. eg : or etc. 

             This is the full tutorial regarding setting up a sub domain on blogger custom domain Blog. If you have any doubts or additions  feel free to leave a comment or contact me.

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