Wednesday, August 21, 2013

1 How to Create a Feed to Your Blog and Web Site

Feed Burner is a source  which  allows Bloggers and Web Publishers to grow their audience, attract and bind them to their site and analyze their activity. We can create or burn feeds through Google Feed Burner. Feed Burner benefits both us and our readers in a great manner.

  • We can track our Loyal Readers

  • Readers will be notified about the new Articles through Subscribing

  • Readers who have slow Internet Connection will be able to read the articles from Feed without navigating to our Official Site.

Feedburner feed to your Blog and Web Site

                   But recently though it was easy to create a feed to your Blogger Blog, many people find difficult when creating a feed to your Web Site which has a Custom Domain. That is why I though to give you the Solution for it not from the text nor Images but from a Video. Following video will educate you in burning a feed to both your Blog and to your Site which has a custom Domain.


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