Saturday, January 19, 2013

0 Spread your Authority in Your Site

Every Blogger desires to increase his or her authority in the Site and show it to the World.

But actually What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority means how many quality links refer to your site and how they are linked. Its not only the quantity but also the quality that matters. Links from the domains 'gov' and 'edu' are valuable in Increasing the Quality and the Popularity of your Site.

But,Without organic traffic it is very difficult for the blog to sustain and this kind of traffic is possible not only with unique content but with the help of proper link building that helps in gaining domain authority to your blog or website.

6 steps to spread your Authority on your Site

Back Links or External Links

                  The links that have your web or blog address in other sites are called as Back Links or External Links. This fact is very important to bloggers to develop their Site Quality and Traffic apart from the Authority. But at the same it is the quality of the links that is very important. So to connect your site with other sites by Back links you must stick with 'Paul Back Links' They have high number of Link value and if you can get Links from one of 'gov' or 'edu' domains to your blog it calls Paul Back Links.

Internal Links or Among Posts

                      Though if you work hard on Back Links if you forget about your Inside of the Site it cannot Believe. The main thing you must do is give every related link to each post with other posts in your Blog and By that the traffic will also view your other articles and with the time passes they will become regular Viewers.

Optimize Your Author Profile Page

                 Many Expert Authors overlook the prime real estate of their Expert Author Profile page, which is deliberately linked in three strategic locations on each of your published articles. Think of this page as your “Expert Author Calling Card” and “Elevator Speech” all rolled into one page. Besides providing a listing of all of your published articles, this page serves to inform your readers about who you are, your experience, and your message, as well as house up to 9 unique links. Take advantage of your Expert Author Profile page by optimizing it to amplify your message and drive traffic to your blog or website.

Give a Little Publicity in Social Sites

              Link or Publish your Posts on Social Websites on an automatic way. Get your message out on a variety of social networking platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.), guest write on other blogs or websites, comment on forums in (or related to) your niche, and much more. Provide a link to one of your articles relevant to the site or discussion, or link your Expert Author Profile page to increase your audience.

Believable Quantity and Better Quality

                      Think that you start a new blog or a site and suddenly on the thrid or fourth day you get 1000s of links from the same site or some particular sites, then Google immediately marks your blog as spam and without caring how many unique and quality posts you may publish they wont achieve search engine ranking. So quantity of the links from different sites rather than a single site, are important. Similarly the quality of the link matters much. If you blog receives high amount of incoming links from spam sites then your site will be penalized without a second guess.

Group according to Variety of Information Products

                 Develop newsletters, webinars, reports, podcasts, videos, and more for added stability and strength to your efforts. Promote these products in the Resource Box of relevant articles, your Expert Author Profile page, your social media pages, your blogs or websites, etc. to create a cycle of promoting you, your message, and your credibility. And remember to attach the link of your site in your creations or products in the Designing Field. 

So Finally did you find your Site Authority, then leave a comment and Share this !

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