Friday, July 26, 2013

0 Create Backlinks to your Site with 10 Strategies

People are so much keen on making back-links to their Web Sites as they are main Google page Rank gainers. But if you messed this task by creating nonsense, and back-links from spamming, you are Doomed. We are aware of that Backlinks are fuel for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  If you don't have a tool tip knowledge of backlinks, I'll name it as a main source that brings traffic to our site and increase the quality of our Site.

Build Backlinks to Your Site

Today I'm going to introduce 10 Powerful Backlink Building Strategies that will not only gain traffic or increase your Sites Page Rank but also will boost your Income.

  • Write what the Readers Want

  • When You are blogging you must know what attracts the reader's mind more and must revolve around those topics. If the readers Loved your Site Search Engines will also Love your Site.  So you must write for the people and rest of the task will be handled by your readers. If your site gets readers from every where overflowing, you'll surely gain tons of backlinks.   

  • Guest Post

  • Guest blogging have lots of benefits, and gaining backlinks to your Site is one of them. Guest posting get you traffic from relevant websites and it is also a great way to get links with custom anchor text around the keyphrases you want to rank for. You may have seen the Guest Blogging areas of web sites, eg : Internet Money You see there the web site owners give you one or two Do-Follow Backlinks to your Site and that is the main thing we want.

  • Leave Blog Comments

  • Commenting on relevant blogs in your niche is one of the best methods to build backlinks to your site. But when you commenting you must be on alert that you are only commenting on Do-Follow Sites. Because otherwise your links to your site won't be useful. Blog comments also drive visitors to your site, which goes back to the point of search engines following people.

  • Keep Going with Awesome Articles

  • As a blogger your main object is to serve your Audience with a ton of quality articles. Writing great Posts will build quality backlinks to your site without your Knowledge and it will be a great passive Building. 

  • Spread your Dominance in Social Book Marking Sites

  • Technorati, Digg and Pinterest are some of the Widespread Sites related to this category.  Bookmarking sites like Delicious simply give people a place to store their  favourite links an organisable archieve. which is generally far more useful than your browsers bookmark bar. For best results, you need to spend time cultivating an active engaged social network that’s interested in what you have to say.

    create backlinks to your site

  • Mark Your Presence in Forums

  • Forum Posting is also a great way of get created backlinks to your Web Site. You can search in Google to verify the forums that relates to your Site's Niche and Post Your Ideas on them, and at the end give your sites' link as to give them more free Information.  Readers will flow in a matter of time and BooM !

  • Deal with Article Directories

  • Article Directories are a rich source of receiving backlinks and a dangerous way as there are lot of spammy Sites but there are definitely a few worth looking for. Ezine articlesArticle Dashboard and Go Articles are few among them.

  • Design is Important just like Content

  • Your Site's Design is also a main fact to increase the Sites Quality and popularity among the Viewers and this will eventually caused to increase your backlink building. My Personal recommendation is "Kolakube" which I love most as it consist with crazy Designs for cheap amount.

  • Buy expired or parked domains

  • This is a trick I discovered when surfing through the Internet.Occasionally, you may encounter expired domains that still have links pointing to them.  Registering these addresses and pointing them at your site is a good way to capture this link equity.

  • Improve your site’s navigation crawlability

  • When you are designing or publishing your Site, make no mistake to popup any crawl errors. Graphic navigation elements may prevent the search engine spiders from properly indexing links in this section.  Resolving these problems automatically results in more backlinks.

I think I have given you a helping tutorial about Backlink Building and if you have any of your own ideas, comment them on my comment area as it would help others more effectively.

  Warning  :  Don't Copy from this Post Without Linking Back to the Post


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