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0 8 things to remember Before you cut down your own Traffic

        Your Site mainly connects with world because of three sources , 
  • You
  • Search Engines  and
  • Your Traffic
Among those things if one fails your site will be stranded and won't be succeeded. If I tell at this moment some you might be already cutting down your Site-Traffic you would be Surprised.

                  After all our hard work we are concerned about our sites, posts graphics and other cool stuff but there are tiny facts which might be able to decrease your traffic and you might be done it in tons of time without actual knowledge. So after a bit research I was able to Finalise my conclusion of What are the mistakes we do without our proper concern but which effects to cut down our Traffic Line.  Then Here I present them to you in 8 Points.

8 simple Mistakes we are doing to decrease our own Traffic

  • Adding too many Images/Gadgets and Graphics

       When we Started blogging we eventually get to the moment of Customizing and Designing your Blogger, and we search whole Internet and Choose some cool and eye-Catching widgets to add to our Blog to Beautify It. The Widgets and Designs increase your Blogs attractiveness and it will success to attract your visitors in 20%  But nevertheless did you think about adding this kind of whole jQuery, Javascript and CSS to your blog will be affect your Blog Speed. 

       Yes they'll certainly affect it. You Should remember to limit the Widgets and added Scripts in your Blogger because otherwise it will take more than 30 seconds to load your blog and 50% traffic might be lost to you and if you compare the advantage and disadvantage of too many Image, Graphics and Widgets in your Blog it's a 30% disadvantage to you, Though if you add Images and Widgets to your blog and Blog posts Remember everything has a Limit abd Donot exceed it.

  • This isn't a place to Write Essays

       Dragging and extending your Posts and Articles are not good as you think, it is a truth that it explains the whole thing clearly but it will bored your Viewers and they will abounded the Blog. Though you knew and aware of the topic well you must summarize the post and present it when you presenting it. People love to read short and valuable articles and if you fail to cross that obstacle your Readers would run away from you and there won't be any time to snatch their hope again.

  • <OL> and <UL> tags are for that

      When you are writing an article which is a bit long running one you should use the numbers and bullets to categorize the facts you are posting. If the Article must be explained thoroughly you can't help it by over summarizing it but you can Categorize the post content and divide the content, dividing paragraphs also work on that occasion. So using <ol> and <ul> tags you can create numbers and bullets and use them to group the Specified Facts. If else it will be a long paragraph that Neither Reader nor you would like to look at.

  • Formatting the Text

       There is a title and sub titles in every post we write and we use various Fonts, Font titles and Colours and etc. Changing Font type, Size, Colour and Bold, Italic effects by text to text will directly effect your Readers. You should know to use one type and Size for sub titles and another type and size for plain text or using various knid of Types, Styles and Sizes will  decrease your web-traffic. Because more than the beauty of the using various Types and Sizes there is a main disadvantage. It will made difficult to your viewers to read and Concentrate on a Text. So to my opinion it's not good to use too many Formatting on Text.

  • Adding Popups and Signup Boxes

        Adding Popups will surely popup and blast your website in Bad way. I have seen Popup like boxes and Signup boxes in many Sites and I bet it will surely cut their traffic in bits or lots. I'm not only a Writer and but also a Reader and popping up these kind of Boxes really annoy people and they get rid of your site. Ad networks have also these kind of popups and I suppose they work on time or by the number of page views but my recommendation is Popups are not good for you until you get the guarantee of that your Site is a Popular one.

  • Being too Greedy will Wreck your Ship

        I was trying to imply the idea of being greedy will make you no better but hurt. Blog is one of the best platforms to display your ads and earn tons of Money but as above it also has a limit. You can show ads in your main page and Under the posts and on your side bar and Beside the Header. But inside of a post area you ought to be careful when dealing with ads. You shouldn't display more than 3-4 Ads in a Post area that includes your side bar, header and footer also. These steps are precautions to stop your traffic flows to another. Your Site readers will loose their focus and by clicking ads and going to other sites will damage your site status and Quality. 

       It's a true that you must earn for what you work and what you spend your effort but don't try to bee too greedy and post ads all over your Site. 

  • Entertainment is more than Enough

          Some people adds a music piece to their posts and when your open the post to read it will automatically play as a Background Music. From it they try to add a Uniqueness to their site but they donot know that it sometimes badly annoys readers because they won't be able to concentrate on the Article and your hard effort that given to the Article will be 'puffh!' because of the annoying music pieces. 

         Not only music pieces but also auto playing videos will also affect it. It's a good thing if you have made a video as a tutorial for something and post it with the text but if auto plays when Viewer came to the page he won't be able to read the text in focus because he will feel uncomfortable and won't try to read it.  The whole process will damage your Campaign and the message of your post won't pass from one to one because of the decreasing  of  Page Readers.

  • Too Many Back-links and Money Generating Links
         In your Post there can be links to other web-sites that own or somebody but will affect better on you. And also shorting your prevailing links and turning them into money highlighting your words in post and turning them into money also a nice way to earn money from your Site. 

         Adding too many links and Shorting them or highlighting Parts of the text will sometimes affect the site Beauty and Functioning Speed. You and I both know that Link Sharing sites short your links and turn them to Money. When your viewer click the link to derive more info it connects to the real site after a advertisement. Adding more than 4-6 Links will annoy readers. Two underlines go through your text and when reader nears his or her cursor to it, it shows the ad. It is also a better way to generate money but more than 5-8 highlighted text parts also not good for the Site.

By this Post I hope I was succeeded in conveying the tips that you should remember to not to loose your Traffic. And Always donot pay much attention in greedily earning money or Decorating Your Site.

If my Article helped you in any point donot forget to leave a Comment. 

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