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0 What are Keywords ? How Keywords rank Your site in Search Results

                          One of the prominent things that you'll come across when studying the art of getting the maximum benefit of Search Engine to drive visitors to your site also known as Search Engine Optimization is the vital role of Keywords. So in this post You are gonna learn and gain knowledge from the very basics to most advance techniques about Keywords.

  • What are Keywords

  • What type of Keywords we should Use

  • How to make Keywords work for You

Before we dive into defining Keywords or How to utilize them it is best to know that Keyword is an also an end result of a research any Blogger led to offer the most suitable content to their visitors. This research is known as ' Keyword Research' . Keyword research includes steps like what type of keywords matches with your content and site, gathering information about trends (can derive information from Google Trends) which relates to your post's content and facts that you should be aware about each of the keywords that people are searching for at this very moment about what your site has to offer. 

How Keywords rank your site in Search Results

As we mentioned Writers' must do Keyword research as it is a very important thing in attracting visitors to your site. You must use the correct Keywords to drive relevant traffic to your site or otherwise the traffic that comes to your site will not be interested about your content and they'll soon leave your site without even crawling another page or reading any-other article, which will drastically damage your quality and rankings in search results.

For an example: 
                       If you are selling Bakery products but people are looking for How to make pies, you must try to write also about the basic process of those Bakery products as that will give you the chance to include the Keyword that people search, in your site and content.  

True meaning of Keyword

                    Keyword is the main component which will define your website's ranking in search results. Keyword either can be a single word or a long tail phrase. Single word type ( ; less than 5 words ) which is the traditional way, but the most effective is the long tail phrase. You have a good rate of success if you enhance your long tail keyword writing ability as they are easy to rank and reader gets a complete idea about the posts's content from such keywords. The chances are very high in ranking with a long tail keyword phrase rather than a high competition single word keyword.

Benefits of long tail keywords

So, what are Your Keywords ?

               The very first step is to identify exactly what your keywords could be for the particular site or post and after that starting the search for the other types of keyword which may also describe or relevant to your content. While you use long tail keyword phrase they also need to be narrow targeted which means that you must target the specific crowd rather than making it generalize as you must filter and zone in the group you want to attract who visit your site with the idea of gaining an answer or a solution to their issue. 

If you are selling Hunting Gear, you could choose your keywords like ; 

  • Buy outdoor hunting gear
  • Buy outdoor hunting gear online
  • Online hunting gear
  • Outdoor hunting gear sale
  • Best prices of hunting gear

Those are mostly the probable things that people might type in search engines when they are searching for Hunting Gear. They won't type Videos of Hunting gear or How to handle hunting gear.

Find the exact Keywords

If you are still skeptical about deciding the right keywords for your content, do not fret, there are few ways you can do to achieve your goal.

  • Steal Them
              There is surely competition everywhere, and in every niche there is competition. It is better to steal the concept of the Keywords that ranked in 1st page of the Google in your niche rather than doing nothing if you cannot come up with your own ideology for keywords. Don't steal their content, don't steal their title or exact phrase just steal the concept of the keyword, read it, understand it and try to produce a keyword similar to it which also describes your content.

  • List Them

                 If you are aware about what people will search in internet which relates to your niche or content, which you want people to visit your site for, you can build a list. By building a list I meant that you can note down your specific words in an Excel Sheet to combine them in a proper manner. You can divide this process in to three stages and allocate a column in excel sheet for each stage. If the Content is about Selling hunting gear, first column contains words like 'buy, purchase, where to get'. The second column contains 'Hunting gear, Outdoor hunting gear, hunting equipment'. The last column consists 'Online, High quality, Unique'. Like this you can come up with Keyword portions and when you have at least 7 in each column you'll have 21 keywords (; long tail phrases) when the combinations take place.   

  • Review Them

             Reviewing here means that when you came up with keywords you chose them because it complies with your ideas and views. Now you should check whether it agrees with the view of Audience  of your niche. To check whether how a particular keyword performs with the audience you can use Google Keyword planner tool which is in Google Ad-words. You can use it as you sign up to create a campaign but doing so you don't necessarily need to set up an ad campaign, just follow the initial steps take the search/traffic volume data. 

How to create Valuable Keywords

Google search results are indexed as a result of Crawling of web crawlers. Usage of relevant and right Keywords make web crawlers index your post and site in the correct niche and category. When it is indexed correctly the relevant traffic flows to your site and hence it boosts up your ranking. Creating or choosing the correct Keywords that describe your content is really the key fact to gain your rank in search results.  


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